Petition to Enfield Council

We the undersigned:

1. call upon the Council to avoid any measures or developments that will in any way restrict the citizens of Enfield from freely enjoying full access to the woodlands, amenities, current physical activities, golf and the open spaces of Whitewebbs Park.

 2. ask that the Council restrict developments and landholding in the park to those that will maintain full use of the park by ordinary citizens and to those that will not damage or radically change the atmosphere, usage and environment of the park.

3. ask that no development will be permitted that will have an adverse effect on the climate and air quality of Enfield through construction work and traffic generation.

4. Ask that nothing be done that will adversely affect the ancient woodland and biodiversity of the whole park.

5. ask that there be full public consultation with all interested park users before any proposals are agreed and implemented.

On Sunday 12th January, after less than a week, we have 2122 signatures on the on line version and an additional 100 on the paper version. Enfield will only “count” those from people living or working in Enfield but additional support will be appreciated and valued. Please leave comments.
The link for the online petition can be found on the petition page of this web site.

6 thoughts on “Petition to Enfield Council”

  1. I love visiting the Whitewebbs park with my family and children . It’s a very enjoyable and peaceful area . I go to Whitewebbs park quite frequently . As a family we will be very upset to lose the park .

  2. Just imagine all the traffic development at whitewebbs will make. As it is enfield and surroundings is literally one big traffic jam. Thank you.
    Ann Bourne

  3. There are not many open very breathable spaces were the public can enjoy nature as more and more spaces are being urbanised. Not everything should be something the Council can exploit for profit at the expense of the health and well being of the people they were elected to represent.

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