Background papers

This page contains documents that are relevant to the battle for Whitewebbs Park. They include published documents, newspaper articles, historic documents and links to website articles.

Document published by LBE on 27June 23 but removed and replaced a few days later. No reason was given. It indicates a much wider plan than has so far been publicised.

This an extract from the Ecology Strategy section of the document with a few comments and current pictures added.

Public Access according to THFC – some very confused surveying and mapping.

The 100 page document was replaced with this much less detailed leaflet, published by THFC at the time their successful bid was announced.

Article in Private Eye June 2023

Past Newsletters

The areas to the South of the ancient woodland along Cuffley Brook have experienced natural rewilding over the last twenty years, largely through benign neglect. There is need for some light management of the area to ensure access and to support biodiversity. This paper was prepared for the head of parks following the withdrawn proposal for cattle grazing in the area.