Whitewebbs Park 2022

Whitewebbs Park is located in London’s Green Belt, in the Northern Part of Enfield. In 1931 an enlightened combination of Middlesex County Council and Enfield Urban District Council bought the private estate as open space for the people of Enfield. The original 999 year lease protected this open space while allowing part of the land to be used for recreational sport. There was a cricket ground and the council allowed the creation of a public golf course to, temporarily, help with the costs of the park.

The park covers about 240 acres with a large area of ancient woodland – mostly Oak and Hornbeam with Holly and many other tree species. . The parkland associated with Whitewebbs House (now a Toby Carvery) was used for the golf course (104 acres). The more formal parkland in the North has a lake and the remains of formal Victorian gardens.

The park is rich in biodiversity with many species of trees, mixed grassland, wild flowers and 80 species of birds. Predators such as buzzards and hawks as well as ducks, geese, herons, egrets, cormorants, kingfishers, woodpeckers, nuthatches and many, many other smaller birds.

The park offers space to roam and has become increasingly popular during the pandemic.

This beautiful park is under threat.

The park was part of Enfield Chase – a hunting ground for royalty and the nobility. Commoners had various defined rights – grazing, coppicing, gathering wood. In the late 1700s and early 1800s much of the land was “enclosed” and sold to prosperous landowners.

This year there is every possibility the Enfield Council will return to “Enclosure” by selling off 3/5ths of the park to a private company ultimately owned by a multi billion dollar corporation in the Bahamas tax haven. Although claims that it is only a 25year lease the chances of the real owners, the people of Enfield, getting it back are practically zero.

Getting to the Park

There are free car parks in Beggars Hollow ( EN2 9JN) and in the North at the gate leading to the Toby Carvery (EN2 9HH). There is a small cafe and toilets in the Beggars Hollow car park.

The bus service 456 connects Enfield Town with Beggars Hollow. It runs half hourly (hourly on Sundays)

The overground stations Gordon Hill and Crews Hill are about 15 – 20 mins walk from the park.


The cafe serving light refreshments in the Beggars Hollow car park
The Toby Carvery at the northern end of the park
Pubs with food – Rose and Crown – south entrance, The King and Tinker- north entrance

There is a short but entertaining history of Whitewebbs on the Friends site – see the link below