Over 100 members of the community attended the meeting.

Reports on the meeting:
A questionnaire was distributed. A summary of the results is shown below. A copy of the questionnaire can be downloaded from the link below. Please scan or photograph it and return it to whitewebbspark@gmail.com.

Report on the meeting concerning the future of Whitewebbs Park, held on Saturday 2nd November 2019 at the Whitewebbs Golf Club, Beggars Hollow. Questionnaire (feedback sheet)

Attendees were asked to rate their preferences  for a range of facilities and activities. Scoring was 1 -10 with 10 signifying the highest rating. Over 100 forms have been processed so far.

Top Scores

The following were given the highest score (9+) by almost all present:

  1. Unrestricted pedestrian access to the meadow area and woodland.
  2. Footpath links to Forty Hall and Hilly Fields.
  3. The need for a good all weather café for all park users.

Close behind these were:

  1. Adequate free parking in Beggars Hollow – this was seen as an essential element in the commitment to “Access”.
  2. Maintaining the footpaths in  reasonable condition.
  3. Retain the whole of the current bridleway and the right of way through the golf course.
  4. Retention of the public 18 hole golf course.
  5. Toilets ( with showers for  golfers and runners).
  6. A large room for a range of community activities.

Those with strong support (6)

  1. An outdoor play area near the café for children
  2. A cycle route separated from pedestrian traffic.
  3. Dog training area.
  4. Information points with park, wildlife and environmental information.
  5. Although there were relatively few golfers present there was a lot of support for  introduction to golf sessions and even more for golf training for young players.

There was some support for

  1. A dog agility course, broadband access,  pop up shops and an outdoor gym.

There was limited support for

  1. Mini golf, a 9 hole course and a golf range.

Interests and transport:

Attendees were asked  to indicate  their reasons for using the park.

Walking, dog walking scored very high as did an interest in wildlife and conservation. Runners, golfers and cyclists were well represented with some riders, photographers and volunteers. Most attendees indicated an interest in two or three interests. Using the café was mentioned  in well over half the  replies.

Again  many attendees indicated that they used two or more ways of getting to the park, mostly car and walking. Other attendees listed cycle, running, horse and bus.

Motions voted upon:

Report on November 2nd meeting –  voting

The following motions were passed with virtually unanimous support:

Motion 1

Keep the park and  golf course as they are – publicly owned and managed .

Motion 2

Develop a café/ community hub at Beggars Hollow.

Motion 3

Combine the Golf Course  and the  café / community hub as one accounting unit

Motion 3

Oppose any landscaping  that involves the movement of imported material

Motion  4

Request a public meeting of park users  to approve any leasing arrangement

The following motion received no support:

Motion 5

Support the Council’s proposal to lease out the management and development of the woodland and the golf course

The full minutes will be available for download shortly

Briefing notes:

The following documents can be downloaded by clicking the links below. They include the revised brochure from Knight Frank, a text only version of the brochure, a text only version with some notes , a copy of the flyer for the November 2nd meeting,

The revised Knight Frank brochure can be downloaded from here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/u9pwpzrk63z0by5/Updated%20Particulars%20Sep19.pdf?dl=0
(select direct download) The revision is the change from “inert material” to “soil” but “soil” has many interpretations. There is a text only version on this website and you can download a text version with comments from here:

Draft  Agenda for Whitewebbs meeting 2nd November

  1. Welcome, greeting to  all attendees and thanks to Whitewebbs Golf Club. H & S
  2. Outline of current situation
  3. Call for contributions from  park user groups
    1. Riders
    1. Runners
    1. Dog walkers
    1. Walkers
    1. Allotment holders
    1. Golfers
    1. Wildlife groups
    1. Enfield groups
  4. Contributions and questions from the floor
  5. Alternate proposals
  6. Feedback sheets – showing interests and preferences
  7. Further action and meetings

Representatives of groups listed above and others not listed are welcome to contact the organisers of the meeting  at  whitewebbspark@gmail.com if they wish to contribute to the meeting.